Work in Progress Beer: 3 month update

Work in Progress Beer: Our 3 month update

Work in Progress, 3 months on.

Three months ago we launched Work in Progress – an open, de-centralised group of breweries that aspire to a more inclusive and representative beer industry.

Since launch, 27 breweries have joined us in this movement, developing their own unique approaches to inclusion and putting them into action, sharing both successes and failures with other members and the wider world. You can find the full list of current Work in Progress members here.

With a quarter of the year flying by since launch, we wanted to update on Brewgooder’s personal progress made on our WIP initiatives. Other breweries will report on their progress on their own websites and social media pages when they are ready to do so.

Here is the progress we have made in the first three months of Work in Progress:

Launching the Heriot Watt scholarship

 We have officially announced our partnership with Heriot Watt University to encourage more Black & Minority Ethnic Students to start out on a career in brewing and distilling.

Alongside the University, we’re launching a new four-year bursary starting from summer 2021 with the aim of improving diversity in the brewing industry. The successful applicant will receive £2000 each year from Brewgooder for a total of four years whilst studying on the BSc (Hons) Brewing and Distilling course based in Edinburgh.

We’re also pledging hands-on work experience with our team to gain practical insight into the industry.

We hope the bursary will alleviate some of the financial pressures of University life and provide a solid foundation for a new brewer (or distiller!) to begin their journey.

To find out more, drop us a line at


100 hours of mentoring for POC entrepreneurs

Our Founder Alan has committed to spending 100 hours sharing learnings from his career successes and failures with Black and Minority Ethnic entrepreneurs who are running purpose-driven companies, organisations, campaigns and/or social enterprises.           


We are excited to say that he has begun his mentoring journey with Janet Onyia. Co-founder of Onyi Gifts and TivityPod (pre-launch). Janet is a highly experienced technology delivery specialist who has been part of Founders of the Future’s fellowship programme for the UK’s most promising tech entrepreneurs under the age of 30. Alan is excited to be working with Janet in the lead up to the launch of her latest project TivityPod – a metasearch platform for the listing and booking of children’s activities.


Black Pound Day support

In September we supported Black Pound Day for the first time with a feature on Eko Brewery and followed up in October with a feature on Matugga Rum. We will continue to shout about Black Pound Day on the first Saturday for each month and will aim to spotlight different Black-owned businesses across brewing, distilling and other areas.

Black Pound Day is a solution-based approach to support the growth of the Black economy in the UK, and encourages people to make a change from their usual shopping routines to support black-owned businesses on the first Saturday of each month. A directory of businesses is available on the Black Pound Day website, and users can also upload receipts of their purchases to analyse the economy impact of the campaign. Of course supporting these businesses should not be limited to one day a month, but by individuals and businesses coming together to support the cause on the same day, we hope to amplify the voices of black-owned businesses, and instil more regular support.


Appointment of an LGBT+ advisor 

We are very excited to have announced the appointment of Drew McCusker as our first board advisor for LGBT+ inclusion.

Drew has pioneered inclusion within the Scottish legal profession through The Glass Network and fought for the human rights of LGBT+ refugees in Uganda with the United Nations.

He will be helping us to try and create a company where everyone can be themselves at work, and a brand that shows up for LGBT+ people. We had our first team call with Drew last week and he was an instant hit, we can’t wait to see how he can help us shape the company in the coming months.


Diversity and inclusion handbook

In its final stages is our new diversity and inclusion handbook, which our new LGBT+ advisor Drew has helped us to create. The handbook will ensure we have set guidelines to follow and outline our stance and policies for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


We are really happy with our progress made to Work in Progress initiatives so far, but know there is still a long way to go!

If you have any comments or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us at Or if you are interested in joining our Work in Progress advisory board, contact


We hope to have even more updates in another 3 months!

Team Brewgooder.



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