Our B Corp Impact Report for 22-23

Our B Corp Impact Report for 22-23

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Since day one of Brewgooder, we've had a vision for a world where anyone can enjoy a beer as an equal; a world where, regardless of background, everyone has a fair chance to pursue, live, and enjoy the life they want to live. To make this vision a reality, we've worked through our non-profit, The Brewgooder Foundation, to ensure that each and every beer brewed since 2016 directly contributes to causes that can get us closer to the world we want to see.

In March, we marked the beginning of the seventh year of the Brewgooder experiment, and for the past five years, we've been a B Corp-certified company.

The past 12 months have been particularly challenging for our industry, our drinkers, our customers, and our planet. Rampant inflation, a cost-of-living crisis, war, and environmental catastrophe have never been far from the headlines and have shaped our everyday lives.

Despite these challenges, the last 12 months have also been filled with optimism at Brewgooder. We've stepped up on multiple fronts to help combat the growing inequalities in our world, both at home and abroad. From working in the UK to provide healthy food access to thousands to pioneering the use of sustainable, people-empowering grains sourced from developing communities to use in our beers at scale, we’ve used the past 12 months to double down on our commitment to making the world a better place through our company and beers.

We couldn't have done this alone. In the past 12 months, we've welcomed more new customers, drinkers, and team members than ever before. Against the odds, the last 12 months have been our largest year of commercial growth, enabling the biggest year of funded impact in our history.

Our growing movement has given us the confidence to go into the next 7 years of the Brewgooder experiment more ambitious than ever before, with a vision for 2030. 2030 is important to us not just because it marks the target for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and a world free from poverty but also because it marks a seismic demographic shift in our industry.

By 2030, 66% of beer drinkers will be Gen Z or Millennials. Encouragingly, these are the two generations that place the most value on ethics and sustainability and are holding brands and companies to account. What they will demand of the beer industry is not just to be planet- and people-friendly, but planet- and people-empowering—the very reason we exist.

But we're not waiting until 2030. We're already taking the first steps to realise our vision by broadening our impact aspirations and horizons, equipping The Brewgooder Foundation for long-term success, and ensuring that as our business grows commercially, our impact can rapidly scale too. We will also forever remain a work in progress towards being a more inclusive company and one that can eventually influence a more inclusive beer industry.

So the road to 2030 starts here, and it starts today. I hope when you read our B Corp report for 2022–2023, it’s a road you will want to go down together with me, my team, and the whole Brewgooder family.

Alan Mahon, Co-founder, August 2023

Read our 2022-2023 Impact Report.


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