The completely unforeseen impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic has not been easy to respond to… and we know that you have been sharing these same difficulties. Our campaign is of course a fundraiser, but it’s also a demonstration of the power of community and we want to ensure our collective community – the craft beer industry – gets through this period as resolutely as possible.

Therefore, we are making the following changes to the 2020 campaign in an attempt to make things as comfortable as possible for all involved. We hope you can understand that these changes are solely intended to support all breweries involved in order to safeguard your businesses and the health of your drinkers and local community in the long run.

Please note: Some of you at this point may be able to execute your beer launches and events without major problems, but for the rest, here is what we propose:


We are no longer dictating the co-ordinated release of your beer as per original plan (20th-22nd) – please do whatever is right for your business and operations under the circumstances; releasing early, as per original dates, delaying, or not at all, please decide upon whatever suits your own best interests.

Donations & Contributions

We will not be pro-actively seeking original donation commitments or set targets for the Global Gathering 2020. We recognise that survival of your own business and retention of staff are the most important things to you at this time, and we do not want participation in this campaign to hinder these efforts in any way.

Should you opt to release your Global Gathering product and subsequently partake in fundraising activity, donations can and will still be graciously accepted and will contribute to the original campaign aim, however, we do not wish to attempt to influence the scale or terms by which any contributions are made during this difficult period.

To further support all brewers who intend to participate but have imminent cash-flow requirements – we will be extending our fundraising collection period for this year’s campaign until October 1st 2020, to (hopefully) allow for the worst of the pandemic and its impact on our industry to pass.

Global Gathering Events:

For those that have had to postpone dedicated events or activations for the campaign involving their drinkers, we are provisionally looking at rescheduling this type of activity for August 7 2020 – International Beer Day as an option for coordinating events. We will review this date accordingly as things develop.

We’ll be encouraging drinkers to support you as much as they can over the next months within the guidelines for combatting the pandemic established by their respective governments, and asking that they buy online or to-go where possible.

Thanks for supporting us…this is the first year that this campaign has been developed but it won’t be the last! We are here for any questions at and


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