Black Pound Day Feature: Matugga Rum

Black Pound Day Feature: Matugga Rum

Celebrating Black-owned businesses

A month has flown by since we last encouraged people to not buy our beer for a day -  a request we made in support of Black Pound Day – a movement designed to support the growth of the UK Black Economy. You can read more about Black Pound Day in our first blog HERE.

Each month we are endeavouring to shine a light on Black-owned businesses across the UK, whether that is breweries, other drink brands or something completely different that is making an impact.

Today we are featuring the wonderful Matugga Rum.

Matugga Rum

Matugga Rum was founded in 2015 by Jacine and Paul Rutasikwa. Inspired by their East African roots, the molasses used in the rum is sourced from high-quality East African sugar cane and distilled back in Scotland using small-batch copper pot distillation. Their proud heritage, combined with playful innovation, allows Matugga to capture the most adventurous and unique flavours of Africa.

The business also draws from Jacine's Jamaican roots, and the ingredients and distilling heritage in Scotland, 

The ethos of Matugga Distillers is underpinned by the Swahili saying ‘pole pole’ (pronounced poleh poleh), which means ‘slowly slowly’. They encourage people to slow down, to take the time to sip and savour the rums, while enjoying the good things in life – like time well spent with family and friends.

The couple opened their £100,000 distillery in late 2018, featuring two 200-litre copper pot stills and with capability to produce 50,000 litres of handcrafted rum in its first year. That’s 2 million single rum serves! In December 2018 they also secured over £13,000 in crowdfunding from supporters, and have gone from strength to strength ever since.

There are currently two Matugga rums available, which are both cask aged  – Matugga Golden Rum and Matugga Spiced Rum.

The Golden Rum is finished in Ex Bourbon Oak Casks. The end result is an array of flavour, depth and smoothness.

The Spiced Rum is created by macerating the golden rum with a uniquely East African spiced blend of black tea, ginger cloves, vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon. Both rums are 42% ABV.

The duo have developed several delicious cocktail recipes that are perfectly suited to the Rum. We particularly like the look of the Matugga Old-Fashioned! See all the Matugga cocktail recipes here!

Liv Rum 

In June of this year the distiller duo have released a new rum brand - Liv Rum

The line-up comprises of three new rums:

Pot-distilled white rum (42.5%) "a crazily complex flavour explosion with a sweet finish" (expect aromas of brown sugar, banana and orange)

Navy strength white rum (57.5%) " a complex character with a long, sweet finish"

Black spiced rum infused with Scottish heather (40%) "The fragrant Scottish heather and rich molasses create tantalising sensations of caramel and a hint of mint"

They have also released two flavoured liqueurs (Raspberry and Hibiscus and Honey and Lavender). They sound absolutely delicious and we can't wait to try them!

“Matugga is both the journey and the destination. If you are still and patient you will hear the proud song of the new African spirit. Matugga sings the song of our soul.”

The distillery run tours and tastings at their location in Livingston. Book a tour now!

For a sneak preview, watch this fantastic video from this year's Scottish Rum Festival, where Paul talks about the rums and shows around the distillery.

We really love what Matugga are doing, and hope that you support them this Black Pound Day and in future!





How to support Black owned businesses on Black Pound Day

1)      Buy from Black-owned businesses

2)      Take a photo of the purchase or business

3)      Post on social media using the hashtag #BlackPoundDay

4)      Big up your experience on your stories

5)      Recommend the business to a friend

Black Pound Day seeks to highlight and amplify the voices of businesses in the Black community, so that the public can find out information about businesses in their area, check them out and support them more regularly in the future. Commitment to shopping with black-owned businesses should not just be dedicated to one day a month.

You can check out the directory of black owned businesses at

“It’s a movement, not a moment”. 


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