Our Collaborations

Alongside our amazing range of core beers, we will often work with other brewing companies to create some stunning, unique collaboration products. Working with many different brewing companies who share our values and mission objectives is an excellent opportunity to spread the word on Brewgooder and our clean water projects around the world, but also introduce people to exciting new drinks!

You can shop our Magic Rock collaboration beer, 'Magic: Ratio' HERE.


Our Year in Progress

Read our 'Work in Progress' report here.

B Corp 'Best for the World™' 2021

We are incredibly proud to be recognised as one of the ‘Best for the World™’ B Corps of 2021.

100X: Our New Impact Model

Read about how we are bringing drinkers closer to the People Positive difference they make with every beer enjoyed.

Chiluzi, Malawi

The first ever Brewgooder funded project is based in the small village of Chiluzi within the Dedza district of Malawi.