World Water Day 2022

World Water Day 2022

We launched Brewgooder on World Water Day back in 2016, and here we are today, celebrating our 6th birthday with a team of 11 people in our new Glasgow HQ. 

Getting clean water to people in communities who need it has been a core part of our journey over the last 6 years. It's what started us on our path, and it's what continues to motivate us every day.

Here's why it's so important, and how your support by drinking Brewgooder creates waves of people positive change. 

Since World Water Day 2021, Brewgooder drinkers have enabled:

  • 30,365,934 litres of clean water to be unlocked.
  • 3 projects to be completed in 3 different countries. 
  • 470 lives to be positively impacted.

...just by drinking beer. Not bad, right?

What is World Water Day?

World Water Day is a UN day to raise awareness of the 771 million people across the world who are living without clean, safe water.

Dirty water steals time, health, and opportunities. It causes kids to get sick, girls to miss school, and women to spend hours a day walking for water. 

It’s also a problem we know how to fix. And you can help.

The #CleanWaterPledge

There's no need to send us a birthday gift this year (we've got plenty of beer, after all), but if you agree that every person should have clean, safe drinking water, it would mean the world to us if you could take 30 seconds to sign charity: water's Clean Water Pledge.

To join the hundreds of others who have already signed to show their support, click here

Thank you so much for supporting Brewgooder over the last six years. We can't wait to take you on the next part of our journey with us.

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