World Vegan Month: 7 Facts About Veganism


It’s November already, which marks the start of World Vegan Month!

According to research*, 2% (1.1million) of the UK population are vegan, with this number expected to grow 98% to 2.1million by the end of 2020. It’s clear that this lifestyle choice is here to stay, driven by younger generations looking to make more mindful choices for their health, for animals, and the environment.

At Brewgooder, although only 1 in our team of 5 is vegan, we will always be advocates of mindful choices and making easy, small changes where possible to reduce our carbon footprint and do a bit of good (oat milk anyone?!).

To celebrate World Vegan Month, here’s 7 facts you might not know about veganism.

If you knew them already, then consider this your vegan refresh course ;) 

1) The term “vegan” is less than 100 years old.

It was coined by the British animal rights activist and founder of The Vegan Society, Donald Watson, in the 1940s. “Vegan” describes the philosophy that animals should not be exploited and hurt for food or other purposes.

2) On average, each person on a vegan diet will spare 30 animal lives per month.


The cows thank you. 

3) Livestock and their by-products are accountable for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. By reducing your meat consumption, you in turn significantly reduce your carbon footprint! 

4) A plant-based diet increases metabolism                                                      Studies have shown that people who follow a plant-based diet burn calories 16% faster in the first few hours after meals than meat-eaters.


5)  One person going vegan can save approximately 219,000 gallons of water a year.

The meat industry wastes one-third of drinkable water a year while 4 billion people don’t have enough. 

6) In 2018, the UK released more vegan products than any other country 

From vegan pizzas, plant-based "meat" to ice-cream and chocolate, us Brits are getting ahead of the vegan game.

7) And last year, almost a quarter (23%) of all new food products were labelled as vegan.

And only 90% of them were from Greggs ;) 

Vegan Roll


As a team that predominantly still eats meat, we are not here to push an objective, but to simply acknowledge and show our support for the growing vegan community. 

We are proud to say that our beers are vegan-friendly, and we celebrate other brands who are diversifying their ranges to cater for the growing vegan population.

We love to partner with like-minded vegan brands where possible. If you have an idea of an awesome vegan collab, hit us up!

Team Brewgooder x



*research stats from, & Vegan Calculator

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