Waluma, Malawi


Waluma village is situated in Nchilamwera, in the Thyolo District of Malawi. The majority of people living there are smallholder tea farmers working at the Eastern Outgrowers Trust (EOT), currently known as Thuchira Tea Association (TTA).

Residents previously had to source water from an unprotected shallow well situated 1.5kms away. As a result of this poor water access, waterborne diseases were prevalent in the village, affecting the health and productivity of many of the farmers.

Thanks to Brewgooder drinkers, a new water point was recently funded for the village transforming the lives of the wider community. Consistent access to clean water has brought multiple benefits to the community: drastically reducing cases of diarrhea in the area, reducing the distance to walk to collect clean water, saving much more time for farming and development work, and reducing vulnerability as women and girls no longer need to put themselves in danger when collecting water.

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