Picture this: you’re at uni, you’ve just lost a bet and you now have to drink a mixture of alcoholic drinks and other questionable liquids in front of all your mates - beer, wine, spirits, juice, condiments, the lot. The pint is dirty and you’re hating your life wishing you never played the game in the first place.

Now picture this: you live in a country where 4 million people lack access to clean drinking water, only 6 per cent of the population have access to a sanitation facility, and more than 3,000 children die each year from drinking contaminated water.

For a lot of us, the first scenario is the closest we’ve ever come to a drinking a dirty pint, but for over 800 million people on earth, a dirty pint means something far more catastrophic. This World Water Day, with the backing of beer drinkers, breweries, and companies worldwide, we have released a short film to raise awareness of a very real problem for far too many people around the world.

Life should mean more than just surviving - it’s about aspiring, sharing and celebrating. That’s why we commit to using 100% of our profits to fund clean water projects all over the world. Since 2016, we have sold over 1.2 million cans, have funded over 100 projects for over 64,448 people, and have donated over £100,000 to charity. We won’t stop until we’ve brought water and life to 1 million people.

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No more dirty pints.

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Chiluzi, Malawi

The first ever Brewgooder funded project is based in the small village of Chiluzi within the Dedza district of Malawi.