Our Year in Progress

Our Year in Progress

One year ago we set out on the start of a long journey to become a more inclusive and diverse business; a beer brand that all drinkers feel welcome, regardless of background, and a company where internal aspirations are matched by external accountability.

We began a Work in Progress.

Work In Progress was at first the result of a deep introspection prompted by the murder of George Floyd, and the continued growth of the Black Lives Matter movement. Our team had a desire to be an actively anti-racist — not just a ‘non-racist’ — company. Put simply, to look at ourselves, and move in a direction of standing and showing up. We published 14 ways we wanted to improve and committed to letting people know how we got on by reporting every year on our progress.

Within weeks this initial response had grown, prompted by some good friends, to become more expansive; to let Work in Progress become an open, de-centralised movement of breweries that aspired to a more inclusive, more diverse, and more equitable industry. There was no barrier to entry, the dues were simply a commitment; to be honest about where you were, clear on where you stood, and accountable on what you did, and did not do.

Over 20 breweries signed up to this, during the midst of a pandemic that, at the time, had no clear end in sight.

There are a lot of things we have been proud of starting, and even more things we could have been far better at over this last year. The report is our account, for you to read, and to judge, whether we are living up to the ethos of a Work in Progress.

You can read the full report HERE.

Thank you for being on the journey,

Alan & James, Co-founders @ Brewgooder

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