#OneOnUs Delivery - An Update


#OneOnUs Delivery - An Update

Hi guys,

First of all thank you for everything you are continuing to do for us at this really challenging time. #OneOnUs is a small way to show that the whole nation values you, even if through something really small… like buying a beer. Here’s a little update on where we are with deliveries which are proving a bit trickier than we first thought. I’ve tried to put it in the form of some FAQs...

What’s caused the delay?

Two things really… The first is there are a lot of links in the supply chain of this one and our usual fulfilment is working at full capacity, meaning that we’ve had to take on an additional premise for the #OneOnUs fulfilment. From there we had to set up a new delivery point with our courier so that caused a short delay in making sure we had the ability to scale the delivery service.

The second is that our national delivery partner has limited our pick-ups to two 150 parcels pick ups per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays to ensure that there is capacity in the distribution network for other goods. 

How long will I have to wait?

We anticipate that the back log will take a few weeks to clear and we also think that this will become shorter as there is more capacity added to the network.

What about normal online orders?

Orders placed on our website are being fulfilled from our original fulfilment centre and are likely to proceed as normal so will arrive in shorter timeframe, albeit one that is not as quick as normal.

What are we doing to make the process quicker and better?

Our team are working extra hard, and safely, at our new fulfilment point, boxing, labelling, printing messages, taping and getting ready for pick up. There are only 4 of us and with constantly wanting to keep them safe we are working in shifts to ensure we all stay safe while we work extra hard.

So in short, what’s the summary?

In short the good news is that at least 3,785 of you will receive beers and messages from us and the folk who have paid it forward from today… the bad news is that it will take a little longer than we expected, so please hang in there with us and we will get there!

Keep doing what you’re doing and we love you all for keeping us safe.

Thank you,


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