Global Gathering Success Stories: Canada


Our Global Gathering campaign didn’t quite go to plan when Covid-19 cancelled masses of our unique beer-launch events across the world. Five months later, we are delighted that many of the breweries have been able to launch their beers, albeit in alternate circumstances.

This is the second instalment of Global Gathering success stories, as we highlight some of the breweries who managed to launch some amazing beers despite the challenging circumstances.

This week, we are saying a massive thank you to Canada! Here's some highlights from our Canadian friends:

Anderson Craft Ales: Czech Pilsner

London, Ontario’s Anderson Craft Ales were one of the first Canadian breweries to sign up to the Gathering, and we are so glad they did! Their Czech Pilsner went down a storm, with beautifully minimalist can artwork that got straight to the point. The brewery has raised a whopping $3000 Canadian dollars for the campaign. Thank you!!

 Anderson Craft Ales

Dageraad Brewing: “Malawi” Belgian Pale Ale

British Columbia’s Dageraad Brewing specialise in Belgian Tradition, and so we were very excited to hear they were brewing a Belgian Pale for the Gathering. Dageraad were also part of the team of 6 Canadian breweries who had planned an epic warehouse party in BC to launch all 6 of their beers at once. We are gutted this couldn’t go ahead but were glad that the beer made its way into the hands of drinkers! They blew us away with the beautiful artwork for their Belgian Pale Ale “Malawi”, and sold 2,298 4-packs of cans, raising a staggering $4,596 Canadian dollars for the campaign. Another massive, massive thank you!

Dageraad Brewing

Four Winds Brew Co: “Wowa Wasa” Gooseberry Gose

Another member of the “Warehouse Party 6” as we will now call them, Four Winds Gooseberry Gose was a huge hit and sold out quickly. Although they suffered from Covid-19, Four Winds are still committing to their fundraising of at least £500, so we can’t thank them enough! Plus how pretty is the can!

Four Winds Brew Co

33 Acres Brewing Company: “Brew-Gooder.003.MkXiV” Idaho 7 IPA

Probably winning the title for most unique Gathering beer name (and another member of #WP6), we couldn’t fault the beautiful minimalist can from 33 Acres, nor the liquid inside it. Using Idaho 7 hops, this hazy IPA is dripping with tropical fruit flavours, sticky resinous aroma and hints of tea. 33 Acres have committed $1 from every sale of the beer. Thank you!

33 Acres

Strathcona Beer Company: “Drizzle” Mango Sour

Warehouse Party 6 member Strathcona Beer Company got us really excited with their Mango Sour, Drizzle! Although we never got to try the beer ourselves, we’ve only heard good things, and know it went down a treat. Thanks Strathcona!

Beer Brothers

A massive thank you to all of the wonderful Canadian breweries who have helped make such a significant impact to the Gathering campaign, either through donations or simply from your delicious beers, beautiful artwork and spreading the word of our mission to the world!

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