Clipping Waves with Adnams

It’s always a pleasure to work with industry greats. When Southwolds’ Adnams Brewery approached us to help them bring to life a beer championing water sustainability, we were keen to get on board. As part of the coastal brewery’s 2021 collab series, which highlights different key areas of sustainable development, Adnams chose us as their partner for a release reflecting their ambitions to reduce their water impact. As with all Brewgooder beers, we have guaranteed that every can will contribute to clean water projects around the world, working towards a wider mission to bring water positivity to the brewing industry.

With 150 years of rich brewing tradition, Adnams know a thing or two about crafting a seriously tasty IPA… Loaded with effortlessly fruity Olicana and Sabro hops, Clipping Waves brings summer in a glass, laden with notes of mango, grapefruit, and coconut. The latter’s distinct herb character is complemented by additions of Darjeeling and Chai tea.

This 5% Citrus Tea IPA is our nod to the immense work being carried out by Charity: Water and the ongoing projects of their local partners in two different regions of India. We’re raising a can to Gram Vikas, an NGO based in the Odisha state specialising in creating accessible piped water to homes and schools across communities, and to The Jal Bhagirathi Foundation for their innovative household rainwater harvesting projects. We can’t wait to bring you updates on their invaluable work, which each can of Clipping Waves contributes 33L of clean water towards.

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