All Together


Statues have been in the news a lot lately... and our latest collab beer with Overtone celebrates an iconic piece of uniquely Glaswegian art that sits proudly on top of one - the Traffic Cone on the Wellington Statue.

The beer is a NEIPA hopped with Colombus, Mosaic, Citra and Cascade fermented with London Ale yeast on a solid malt bill of caramalt and oats, with the recipe being designed by New York's Other Half brewery as part of their ‘All Together’ campaign — so expect lots of juice and haze. The campaign is uniting breweries around the word to brew beers which support local hospitality workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown with a portion of the profits.

Glasgow’s hospitality is legendary, with Scotland’s best venues and most vibrant and diverse social scenes… a scene that has been hit so hard by Covid-19 and lockdown.

We decided we wanted our beer to support workers in Glasgow, a city we love and our team calls home, with Yoker’s finest Overtone by donating a portion of the profits of the beer to the Glasgow Hospitality Workers Emergency Fund.

We wanted to pay our own tribute to that by honouring its most iconic work of public art – the cone on Wellington’s Statue with a fluorescent orange and reflective silver pattern designed by the multi-award winning Glaswegian design studio Thirst.

At a time when controversial statues are under the spotlight, on social as well as in traditional media, it feels right that our tribute to Glasgow heroes an anonymous act of humour that is so expressive of the city that it transcends the current debate, and celebrates a piece of art that transforms the statue’s original meaning.

Head over to Overtone to get your hands on the beer, also available at Grunting Growloer, The Cave & the Wee Beer Shop to click & collect in Glasgow.

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