100X: Our New Impact Model

Last week we revealed our new look cans coming to shelves and fridges this summer.

As well as looking good, these new cans are coming equipped with QR codes that for the first time ever, will allow our drinkers to register and track the People Positive impact they make while enjoying our beer; turning refreshment into empowerment.

This is all done through our unique web-app launching soon, and our brand new impact mechanic — 100X. 

What is 100X?

As you probably already know, the main way we create our impact is by helping to provide communities around the world with one of the most people-empowering resources on earth: clean water.

Our new model, 100X, makes the creation of our water impact easier to be understood and owned by our drinkers than ever before.

For every can and pint of our beer enjoyed, you will unlock 100 times its volume in clean drinking water on projects based in 22 countries worldwide, all through our trusted impact partner charity: water


What do all these litres of water mean?

Here’s a few examples of the type of outsized impact that enjoying our beer will make with 100X...

1x 330ml can = 33L water. Enjoying just one can of our beer will provide enough water to last a person two full days based on average usage across everyday activities like hydrating, cooking, and cleaning.

1 x Pint = 57L of water. This is roughly the amount of water a family of four would need to live a full productive day of work, school, cleaning, and meals.

1 x Litre (just over 3 cans or just under two pints) = 100L of water. 100 litres would be enough water for a person to live a healthy, unrestricted and empowered life for a full week. 

When you see the huge difference that water can make to the lives of others, and you think about how many of our beers you enjoy — you can start to imagine the amount of meaningful and long-lasting change that can be created.

How is 100X calculated? 

Well it involves some fancy tech and a bit of maths…

From years of experience of completing hundreds of clean water projects with trusted charity partners around the world, we are able to forecast the costs of installing water systems within the 22 countries we impact. These costs will include installation, project upkeep, and maintenance, annual reporting as well as the costs incurred to allow for the ownership and communication of the impact among our drinker community.

Thanks to innovative ‘live feed’ monitoring technology, we also know how much water these projects provide daily, weekly and annually to supported communities. For instance, the average water system over 5 years will provide an incredible 12 million litres of life-changing clean water. 

With these figures, we are able to work out the 'cost' of producing a litre of clean water, by dividing the total cost of the project by the amount of water it will produce over 5 years — still with us? 

By multiplying this number by 100, this gives us our ‘Cost of Good’ that we must contribute per litre of our beer sold in order to guarantee our 100X promise. Having this minimum contribution in place ensures we can confidently state that every can and pint of our beer will deliver 100X its volume in consistent, clean water... making every single beer count.

How can I find out more?

By creating an account with us, you will able to track your own personal impact made for every beer enjoyed, as well as be updated on all new and previous projects supported. You can also opt into our community newsletter which will share full updates on our impact progress throughout the year. Finally, you can visit the website of our impact partner Charity Water for more information on the projects undertaken, charitywater.org.

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