World Water Day 2017 with Brewgooder

22 March

Today is World Water Day. A day for raising awareness and taking action to tackle the world water crisis. 1 year ago, on this very day we started out on a mission to turn craft beer into clean drinking water and change the lives of people all across the world.

It started with a crowdfund. We did something pretty crazy - we asked people to buy beer online, that they'd never drank, from a company they'd never heard of, 3 months in advance. But with a lot of time and effort and massive amount of support - we made it and commissioned our first ever brew with our partners Brewdog.

With their help and the help of our backers, our supporters and our drinkers, in these past 12 months we’ve been able to start out on the #DrinkBeerGiveWater journey. Whether you’ve asked for a pint of Clean Water Lager at the bar, picked up a can at your local supermarket or bottleshop, or ordered a case online - you’ve contributed to something incredible.

You’ve helped bring clean water to thousands of people through our first two projects in Malawi - changing entire communities for the better by giving them the first step out of poverty. You’ve started to change the world - all through the power of great beer.

So this World Water Day, let’s raise a glass to the first step in our journey. Let’s Drink Beer, Give Water.


Team Brewgooder

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