Working 9-5 in London Town!

1 December

As from this morning, I have officially been pounding the streets of London for exactly a month. Rewind 30 days and what was once an eager Brewgooder novice has now blossomed into a certified, qualified, testified... Brewgooder novice...

Alan and I spent Wednesday in the big smoke, eyeing up some opportunities and supporting our fantastic customers. I was lucky enough to watch a staff advocacy presentation at the wonderful Roundhouse in Camden. Alan’s passion and enthusiasm is infectious and we left confident we had converted 25 staff members into Brewgooder brand ambassadors.

My challenge now is to captivate our future and current customers as Alan does. The task starts with getting people to take an interest in a social enterprise selling delicious craft beer, to being completely invested in our long-term vision of providing 1,000,000 people with clean drinking water.

At this point I’d like to give a huge thumbs up to some of our early adopters in the capital! If you are thirsty for some refreshing lager in Camden, The Roundhouse needs no introduction. For something off the beaten track, head over to and then under Waterloo station to The Vaults Theatre for a spectacle Alan and I are still in wonderment at.

Last but by no means least, as of January you’ll be able to quench your Brewgooder thirst at the brilliant Urban Leisure Group (Heist Bank in Paddington & The Alice House’s in Queens Park & West Hampstead are particular highlights). We’ll have plenty more to shout about in Old London Town come the New Year!



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