Yes we CAN! Why we're saying goodbye to bottles.

Yes we CAN! Why we're saying goodbye to bottles.

Why we've said goodbye to bottles.

When Brewgooder launched in 2016, Clean Water Lager was packaged only in cans. This remained our only format until May 2018 where we introduced bottles, which enabled us to gain new retailer listings and bring more traditional drinkers to the brand, who still preferred their lager in a more conventional bottle format. However, a lot has changed in two years, and as drinkers and retailers become more eco-conscious and convenience orientated, can has become the king of the craft beer world.

As a B Corp, we have always been conscious of our environmental impact, and with cans outselling in every market, we’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to our bottles for good.

Need convincing? Here’s 7 reasons why we think cans are better than bottles, not just for you but for us, for the beer and for the planet.


1)Cans are lightweight.

A 330ml can is 39% lighter than a 330ml bottle when filled. This means less carbon emissions when transporting them, as well as easier for you to carry!


2)Cans are easier to distribute.

Because of their shape, cans are much easier to stack and store safely than bottles. In fact, it would take almost 2 full trucks to ship the same number of bottles as you can fit in one truck of cans. One less truck on the road = less fuel and carbon emissions!


3) Cans are cool.

Literally. With thinner material, cans chill quickly in the fridge, meaning you can be enjoying a cold one in no time!


4) Cans protect from UV light.

Ever wonder why beer in a clear glass or green bottle smells a bit like a skunk? That’s because it’s been lightstruck, where UV light destroys hop particles in the beer, releasing the smell known as an off-flavour in beer. Although brown bottles protect from 98% of light, there’s no beating the can, which has 100% protection to fight off those skunky off-flavours!


5) Cans are prettier.

Okay so this is a matter of opinion, but can designs have become almost as important than the liquid itself for many breweries. We love that cans give us a larger canvas to work on, rather than restricted to a smaller label on a bottle. Can designs in the industry are becoming increasingly innovative, with peel-off keepsake labels, artist collaborations and more becoming a staple of the craft beer scene.


6)Cans are convenient.

Beers in the park? Grab some cans. Music festival? Grab some cans! Venue doesn’t allow glass? Grab some cans! Want to fit more beers in your bag? Grab some cans!


7) Cans are easier (and better) to recycle.

As the nation take on more responsibility for their recycling, cans are easier to recycle, as they can be crushed down and take up less space in recycling bins. When a tonne of cans are recycled, it saves 14,000 kilowatt hours of energy and 270 ft³ in landfill, versus only 42 kilowatt hours and 54 ft³ in landfill saved by recycling a tonne of bottles.


So there you have it. After two years we are saying goodbye to the trusty bottle and keeping it cool with our cans. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 


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