Why CBR17 Is Important For New Breweries Like Us

Why CBR17 Is Important For New Breweries, Like Us

So, we've just set up our stall for Craft Beer Rising 2017 in London. It was a long journey down from bonny Scotland, but one which we think was absolutely worth it, especially as we are new on the craft beer scene. Here are just a few reasons we think it is so important to be there.

Do Meet Your Heroes

CBR17 is giving us the chance to meet and chat with some of the industry leaders we look up to. Thankfully we get to work daily with the guys at Brewdog, but over the next couple of days we'll be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Beavertown, Goose Island, Meantime and countless other heroes we have in the industry. We'll be picking a few brains for sure.

Meet The Punters

We're selling our beer to the attendees, pouring them a pint and handing over the beer ourselves. We can get instant feedback and cut out the middleman. It's all constructive and as the young bucks of the business we are willing to listen. Also we get to tell our story to a huge audience of beer lovers - we're sure our Drink Beer, Give Water message will strike a cord with almost all of them. And we're aware that some people know our brand but don't really know what we do - so here's our chance to tell them.

Swap Ideas

With being surrounded by so many great breweries, it's an excellent chance for us to swap some ideas with them too. It's a horrendous cliché but we do love to 'network' (horrendous, sorry) and being in a room with all these great minds gives us that chance. Plus there are the talks, where our industry leaders will be shouting about upcoming trends and what they see for the future of craft beer in the UK. That's pretty much invaluable.

Drink Good Beer

When we're not on the stall we will sure as hell be walking around and sampling some of the greatest beers around. It's not all hard work, is it?! Maybe we'll try something new (especially looking at the craft cider guys that are exhibiting). We'll try and keep it professional. Promise...

This is just a handful of reasons why we're here and we're hoping to add to that list as we go along. We're just in the room next to the music so come and grab a pint or a can and say Hello! It'll be good to meet you.


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