What We Learned From CBR17

28 February

So... I think we've just about recovered from our long weekend of madness and this little bit of respite has given us chance to reflect on what CBR17 meant for us. We learned many things; one being that there is a nightclub in Shoreditch with a swimming pool full of blokes in their pants. How we know that we'll leave to your imaginations. Here are some of the less lurid...

1. Craft beer is the most collaborative and supportive industry around.

It was truly amazing to be part of - a special mention to our stall buddies RedWillow whose constant banter and beer swaps kept us going all the way to the end. Everyone from punters to brewers were swapping ideas, complimenting the beer and sharing insights. Even the giants of brewing like Brewdog and Lagunitas were taking the time out to come down to our stall, chat to us and even had out a few cans. (They went down exceptionally well!) We really felt the love and it is fantastic to be part of such a wonderful industry.

2. The future of UK brewing is bright.

There was only one stall that didn't have great beer at this years festival, and that's because it was selling boxes of wine. There were some incredible brews on show, shout out to Manor Brewing for a beer of the weekend contender with an amazing orange infused black lager. It was incredible just to talk to the guys behind the beers and hear their story. If this is the industry standard then, as drinkers we all have some great times ahead.

3. Always be open to changing your mind.

On a personal note and without blowing our own trumpet, there were many people who came up to our stall for a taster who immediately said "I'm not a lager drinker" and after a sip of Clean Water Lager soon changed their mind. But we were guilty of this as well, our eyes and mind were opened many times over. If you don't like a particular style then that's fair enough, but when people are doing such incredible things; innovating and improving on styles - trying it and reassessing is always the better option.

4. Teamwork makes dreamwork.

We are incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate team behind our brand. Getting the beer right is one thing, but having the people surrounding it to go and tell our story is the main priority. Seeing the guys at the weekend showed just how lucky we are and I think everyone who came to our stall would agree.

It was great to be at such a well organised and fun festival - so much so we've started planning next year already! If you did pop down to our stall, thank you very much and we hope you enjoyed the beer!


Team Brewgooder

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