The Importance Of Bar Staff Advocacy

17 April

Such is the amazing array of craft beers facing you in most bars these days - choosing the perfect pint can be quite a daunting thing and often you'll rely on a solid recommendation from the person behind that bar. Possibly as a result of the the rise of craft beer - you're also relying them to know the story behind the liquid. About the brewery, it's providence, it's story. Gone are the days we're just pouring pints is enough - bar staff are now at the front line of the revolution...

We're very lucky here at Brewgooder to be partnered with bars, pubs, restaurants and bottle shops where this importance has been realised. The staff are knowledgable and passionate - which is helpful to the customer but also crucial to our success. Without the #DrinkBeerGiveWater story being told - we are just another great lager behind the bar.

With this in mind we offer all of our stockists and their staff a chance to hear our story from Alan, Zoë or James. This works two fold for us - we can establish a relationship with those guys and stress the importance of their role in bringing clean water to people. But it also gives them a chance to try the beer, quiz us about our mission and then they can impart that to customers.

If you're interested in having a talk about Brewgooder or getting us stocked in your bar, dont hesitate to get in touch.


Team Brewgooder

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