No office? No problem! Join our Beer Club

No office? No problem! Join our Beer Club

Beers delivered your way

Back when you could stand within 1 metre of a colleague and lunch was Pret’s finest ham and cheese, Brewgooder was supplying hundreds of offices across the UK with our tasty beers, all whilst making waves against water poverty. For our Office Beer Club subscribers it's a win win: treat their staff to delicious Friday beers (or any day of the week, we don't judge), while tracking the impact of their contribution to clean water projects. 

Plenty breweries can send you beer, but how many can help you empower lives with access to clean water?



If you're not working from the office right now, then you might be missing Friday beers. Maybe you never had them to start with! But fear not! Our Beer Subscription Club is now available to your front door!

Join Brewgooder Beer Club today.

Joining our Beer Club couldn’t be easier.

1) Choose your beer

Opt for a full case of Clean Water Lager, Chilloozy IPA or Moyo Juice Mango and Passionfruit Pale Ale, or try a mixed pack with all three!

2) Choose the quantity

From 12-288, choose how many beers you want (must be in case quantities of 12)

3) Choose the frequency

From weekly to bi-monthly, choose how regularly you want your beers!

Subscriptions are adjustable at any time, so you can change the frequency or quantity of your deliveries when you need to. You can even change what beers you get! No minimum term needed.


What are people saying about our beers?

Not sure which beer to go for? Here's what people have been saying (find all of our reviews listed under our beers in our shop section)

"Great beer, good cause, quick delivery, excellent value - what's not to like?" 

"Good crisp taste, nice full flavour"

"Easily my favourite go to, light refreshing yet flavoursome IPA"

"Refreshing and tasty IPA, another fantastic Brewgooder beer that I highly recommend"

"My fave beer by far. It's crisp, amazing citrus notes followed by a fruity mango flavour to finish"

"Refreshing and fruity, goes well with a bit of sun, love that it's under 4% but still packs loads of flavour"

"Hands down the best pale ale I've had in lockdown"


So, whether you are working at home and want to treat yourself while making a difference, or maybe you're back in the Office and looking to reward your staff with the ultimate perk, our Beer Club can cater for you!  




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