Abby's first 6 months at Brewgooder

Abby's first 6 months at Brewgooder

My first six months at Brewgooder have gone in a flash. 

My first day “induction” was me, Alan and a whiteboard, going over plans for the next few months. I had joined in the middle of our biggest campaign to date - the Global Gathering - where 250 breweries signed up to brew unique beers and raise money for clean water projects. My role is Special Projects and Research, and the Gathering was my main focus for the first two months. Unfortunately, Covid-19 disrupted the events, and shattered months of hard work from the team, but instead of wallowing in despair, they dusted themselves off and got to work on the next big project, which has seen us pay forward 7,000 packs of beer to NHS workers. It’s this tenacity that I love about working at Brewgooder.

Working for the “little guys”

Having previously worked for the UK’s craft beer monolith, it did take me a while to adjust to working in such a small team; it was unusual being in a fully transparent team where I have visibility on pretty much everything, knowing I can call Alan at any time and better still, knowing that my contribution could have a direct impact on the business. The best part is the “learn as we go” attitude that is often adopted. We are a young team and young start-up, and Alan acknowledges this regularly. No idea is a bad idea; we try things, we succeed, or we fail, we learn, we adapt and we try again. Joining this team of 5 that seemed to be taking on enormous challenges was both exciting and a little overwhelming, but despite the smaller team, the drive, passion and determination is just as strong as within a larger business.



The biggest challenge in my first 6 months has undoubtedly been Covid-19. Like thousands of other businesses, Brewgooder has struggled with loss of business in the on-trade, although on a positive note it forced us to step up our e-commerce and digital marketing game. We also lost thousands in donations through cancellation and postponements of Global Gathering events (although many of the amazing breweries are now picking up where they left off and have been launching beers over the last few weeks). For a while things looked bleak and I honestly thought I’d be out of a job before summer was over, but thankfully we have persevered and I am grateful to have been working throughout, keeping some sense of normality to my daily routine. 

Being a better person

Although 4 of my 6 months have been working in isolation, I can’t help but feel that the altruistic tendencies of my colleagues have rubbed off on me. Working for a social enterprise has amplified my passion and drive to fight for issues that were already close to my heart; it has made me a more compassionate human being, a better listener and ultimately, it feels good knowing that each day I can contribute even a tiny amount to helping empower the lives of others. 

Here’s to the next 6 months and beyond.

Abby x



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