Muntons Malts Generous Donation

8 November

We visited the site of Muntons Malts, whose malts we use to give Clean Water Lager it's delicious malty backbone. We were absolutely stunned by their generosity when they told us they wanted to give us a donation for £4,700 to help us build a well.

Our philosophy has always been to make great craft beer and turn that delicious beer into clean water for those who need it the most. As any craft beer enthusiast will tell you, possibly the most important of the four main ingredients is the malts. They are what holds the whole beer together. So, quality malts are key to making a quality craft beer. Muntons provide us with those quality malts.

With their generosity we can build a well that will help hundreds of people gains access to clean water, just from using quality ingredients to make our beer.

Cheers to them for helping us #DrinkBeerGiveWater!

Team Brewgooder

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