Meet James

12 April

One of the most amazing parts of our journey so far has been starting to build a dedicated and passionate team to grow our brand and spread the #DrinkBeerGiveWater mission. Our latest addition to that team is James, and we'll let him tell you a little bit more about his experience and his new role with us...

Hello all, I’m James - I’ll be developing and managing key accounts in the West of Scotland and then nationwide as we look to spread the Brewgooder mission and brand.

At my previous company, Trustpilot, we went from almost an unknown to a global brand within 5 years - Alan and Josh have a similar vision for Brewgooder and the opportunity to be a part of that growth journey is one I couldn’t really turn down.

An added value is of course the social mission - we’re looking to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people whose current conditions are probably incomprehensible by most, and all we have to do to help is to drink decent beer - Time to step up Glasgow…



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