Meet Alick Botha- Country Project Manager

17 October

Meet Alick, the country project manager in charge of two of the water projects Brewgooder has funded in Malawi. He has seen first-hand the positive impact clean drinking water has had on this community and the subsequent health benefits.  We spoke to him about the improvements he has seen and the work that still needs to be done:

“People here are fighting. In this village there should be people that can be doctors, teachers and lawyers, but this will only happen if they are healthy, if their bodies are healthy. Only then will everything work properly”.

The two taps have eased the burden of water collection for women and children, along with the water being clean and not needing to be boiled before use. The open well previously used by women to collect water saw women being lowered into the well to fetch stagnant water. The two taps at different areas in the village have allowed for women to collect clean water any time of the day.

With increasing water scarcity across vast parts of the world, it is crucial we recognize the different economic, social and environmental values attached to this finite resource. More efficient use and improved access to clean drinking water is central to alleviating poverty. As Alick pointed out:

“Because water is life, the health of an individual is also the health of the entire nation. It is the development of the nation”.

With climate change impacting the vulnerability of local water systems, access to sustainable ground water through hand pumps are essential towards ensuring the health of this community and the future of their livelihoods.



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