Kirsten's First Year at Brewgooder

Kirsten's First Year at Brewgooder

As you’ll have worked out by now if you have read any of our other team member blogs, working at Brewgooder isn’t your typical 9-5.

My first year in the company has been an absolute rollercoaster but I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved in the circumstances we’re all living in.

I came into Brewgooder initially as an intern straight out of completing my degree in Brewing and Distilling and Heriot-Watt University. My job was to make sure everyone had the tools they needed to do their jobs and assist in whatever ways I could. Within such a short period of time I learnt a huge amount about the ins and outs of how Brewgooder functions by assisting in loads of different roles and of course planning what was to be the biggest simultaneous beer launch in history; The Global Gathering, we’ll come back to that in a bit though.

My first real challenge came with the launch of our two new core beers; Moyo Juice and Chilloozy. The team allowed me to have a real input and say into recipe design changes that I felt would help improve the beers, and ultimately allow us to make the best product we could. I’m eternally grateful to both Alan and Scott for the trust with this considering I’d only been in the company about 2 months at this point!

As my role continued to develop, I moved into dealing with our Operations and Logistics which involves everything from beer production to sourcing our packaging materials for e-commerce site, if you ever want to have a conversation about cardboard boxes or cans then I'm your gal! 

Working in such a small team is hard! It’s absolutely great as we all have a good overall knowledge of what is going on in the business at any one time but it also means that there isn’t anyone else to fall back or rely on so we all have to really be on it and giving 110% to it!


With all of our plans at a high there also had to be some lows.

Having to cancel/ postpone a lot of our gathering events was absolutely heart breaking; it was an event that the whole team had worked on for months, so to see it all gone in a flash was awful but we knew it had to be done. None of us could have truly expected the true extent to which Covid-19 would rock our business and the entire industry to its core.

My responsibilities have changed massively since Covid hit. We have had some real production and supply issues during this time, which combined with a big increase in sales had meant that we unfortunately found ourselves out of stock quite often. As a contract brewery we use partner sites for our brewing so the past few months my role has involved a lot of sourcing of production sites for our beers and finding capacity.

It's been an incredibly rocky road for everyone within the brewing industry and the upcoming potential cuts to the Small Brewer Relief system isn't making that any easier.

New experiences and skills

The challenges although tough, have accelerated my progress in developing new skills and responsibilities across logistics, production and even customer service. I have also learnt a lot more about the business and marketing side of things. While anyone in the company would tell you that I am not the most savvy when it comes to social media and advertising, it has been really interesting to see more what part that plays in the day to day running of the company!

Pre-lockdown, the team went down to BrewLDN where we unofficially launched our new beers which was great fun! I also travelled to Berlin to train the BrewDog brewery staff on what Brewgooder is all about. I love getting out and chatting to people about our mission!

The future

What does the next year hold? Well, hopefully not another global pandemic! I think as we continue to grow as a brand I see my next 12 months letting me get some more robust processes and procedures in place for the operations side of things. All of our previous forecasting really went out the window when we went into lockdown so getting that back up and running would be great and also make life a lot easier!

We'll hopefully have some new beers and collabs on the horizon; I’d love to design some news beers and have some brew days!

The more time I can spend brewing the better!

Kirsten x




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