Global Gathering: Out of Category Successes

Global Gathering: Out of Category Successes

After our Global Gathering campaign was hindered by Covid-19, we’ve seen breweries across the globe pulling out all the stops to ensure their beers were still able to launch, albeit later than planned.

Amongst those heroes are three companies who aren’t usually in the business of making beer; our Out of Category collabs! Read on to find out who they are and how they have contributed to the success of the Global Gathering campaign.

Square Root Soda – Mandarin and Ginger Shandy

Our friends at Square Root Soda in London are experts in delicious alcohol-free sodas, so we were very excited when they asked us if they could use our Clean Water Lager to make an alcohol-free shandy especially for the Global Gathering!

Adding fresh mandarin and ginger, this spicy, juicy concoction is only 83 calories per bottle and is perfect for those who were looking for a non-alcoholic alternative to joining in with the Gathering. The good news? There’s a very limited amount still available for those wishing to pick up a bottle! The Brewgooder team absolutely loved this shandy, so make sure to get your hands on it before it’s gone!


FITCH Brew Co – Mzuzu Coffee Beans and Cold Brew

Coffee legends FITCH Brew Co joined the campaign as our only coffee makers and did not disappoint.

The FITCH team sourced coffee from the Malawi Mzuzu AA Cooperative, located in the Northern highlands of Malawi where almost 80% of the coffee is grown on terraces by small farmholders. Mzuzu’s aim is that every smallholder farmer has good accommodation, three meals a day, adequate warm clothing, a warm home and are able to send their children to school.

We are thrilled that FITCH were able to partner with this cooperative to source their beans and that they were able to make a Cold Brew from this too! If you haven’t already tried some, you can grab a pack now from their website.



Ardbeg – The Shortie Smoky Porter

Arguably one of the most anticipated creations to come from the Global Gathering, legendary Islay Distillery Ardbeg joined the Global Gathering to create their first ever beer.

Our founder Alan happens to be flatmates with another Alan – Global Senior Brand Manager for Ardbeg. As the Gathering took shape, it seemed the perfect time for the pals to make a collaboration happen, and with Williams Bros signed up to brew the beer, The Shortie was born.   

Coming in at 6.2%, the Shortie (named after Ardbeg’s beloved canine mascot) uses the same peated malt that is used to produce Ardbeg Ten Years old whisky. After releasing exclusively on Ardbeg’s website and select Ardbeg Embassy stores, the beer has already sold out online. If you’re lucky, you may find a rare pack left in embassy stores!

The beer has gained significant media attention as Ardbeg’s first foray into beer, being featured in The Scotsman amongst other notable publications. We’re thrilled at how this has been received, so a big thanks to the Alans, Ardbeg and Williams Bros for making this happen!


As always, thanks to everyone involved in making these epic Global Gathering creations happen!


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