Douglas' Story - Phirilongwe, Malawi

Douglas' Story - Phirilongwe, Malawi

We met Douglas back in May this year, in his village called Phirilongwe. The Brewgooder Foundation funded a borehole pump for him and his community to use. Before the pump was installed, women used to trek up the side of a nearby mountain to fetch clean drinking water. The average time spent collecting water was around 30-40 minutes. With temperatures reaching up to 37˚C during the dry season, getting water was a strenuous task. On days when women didn’t climb the mountain, nearby rivers were used for drinking water. 

Douglas spoke of his experiences when we met him. He shared some of his life experiences with the Brewgooder team: “When we had no bore holes, we used to drink water from the river, which was contaminated. Many of us were sick with water-borne diseases. Many animals, goats drank there, dogs drank there, foxes drank there, hyenas drank there.”

Since the borehole pump has been installed, women no longer have to trek up the mountain to find clean drinking water. Douglas informed us that the health of him and his family has improved significantly since drinking clean water from the borehole pump.

Living in rural Malawi, the family relies on agriculture as their main source of income. Douglas spends most of his time tending to his fields which provide food for the family. Their small scale farming produces maize and potatoes as the two main crops.

Speaking to Douglas he shared stories of his childhood and some of his thoughts about the future. When he was growing up the village only had a few houses scattered around and the school was a 11km journey, a 3 hour walk away. 

He is hopeful that all his children will be able to finish school and lead healthy lives. Having the bore hole pump means the family no longer have to spend several hours each day trekking to collect water.  

Last year the Brewgooder Foundation brought 5,000 people clean, safe drinking water across two projects in Malawi. The village Douglas is from, Phirilongwe, is one of them. This year, we're delighted to announce that we are helping to bring 33,000 people clean drinking water in the Thyolo region of Malawi, across a programme of 60 projects. 

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