Don't buy our beer today.

Black Pound Day

Celebrating the Black Pound Day Movement


It may seem an odd request to encourage our customers not to buy our beer today, but for us it is the very least we should be doing. Today, and every month going forward, we are supporting #BlackPoundDay.

What is Black Pound Day?

Black Pound Day is a solution-based approach to support the growth of the Black economy in the UK.

In response to the death of George Floyd and the current Black Lives Matter protests, So Solid Crew member Swiss developed the idea of Black Pound Day, by encouraging everyone to replace their usual purchases (either locally or online) with products from Black-owned businesses, once a month.

The day is also an opportunity to find out how everyone can support Black businesses over the long-term. Joining the movement means so much more than just shopping on the day. Share the Black-owned businesses you love with people, share the message and educate those around you about how #BlackPoundDay can help the growth of the British economy, while promoting unity and equality. Swiss says “the vision of Black Pound Day is to empower the community to create a new economy which will in turn underpin our long-term financial growth and infrastructure”.

The Black Pound Day website features a directory of Black-owned businesses, which business owners can add themselves to, and customers can use to find businesses in their area under various categories. There is also a place where you can upload receipts from your Black Pound Day purchases, to keep a UK running total of the initiative’s economic contribution.

Help us spread the message by taking part in the #BlackPoundDayChallenge.

The number of Black-owned breweries in the UK is shockingly small in comparison to the 2000+ breweries now operating.

Today we are highlighting one such business – Eko Brewery from London. We encourage you to check them out and try some new beers this #BlackPoundDay and indeed any day of the month! Here’s a bit about them:

Eko Brewery

Founded in 2018 by Anthony and Helena Adedipe, Eko brewery officially launched in January 2019. Building on the artistry of craft beer, the brewery blends creativity and boldness to produce an unmatched selection of beers inspired by African tradition. During a 12-month secondment to America in 2013, Anthony and Helena were Inspired by the micro-brewery scene and set to create their own unique beer. After some research, they discovered traditional African brewing techniques and recipes, the results of which reflect a selection of enjoyable and authentic craft beers. The name itself, “Eko” is named after the native name for Lagos, the most populous city in Africa.

The brewery currently has two beers available, alongside their own glassware and merch:

Eko Black - 5% smoked porter: their very first beer, Eko Black offers a smoky malt flavour with a blend of chocolate and caramel that adds to the smoothness

Eko Gold -  4.9% craft lager:  this lager is brewed with coconut palm sugar, paying homage to the ingredients used in the famous African beverage, Palm Wine.

We caught up with Anthony and Helena to ask them a few extra questions! They had this to say:

"When we were thinking of a concept for our beers, we really wanted the brewery to reflect our culture and heritage, so the idea of African inspired beers was always very prominent. With the Eko black, it has a smoother and less smokey taste than you would expect from most smoked porters, this is because traditionally Africans beers were brewed to be less bitter and would often be consumed with food. With the Eko Gold, we added coconut palm sugar, to pay homage to palm wine, a popular African beverage.

We have been inspired by breweries that have great social initiatives, such as Cloudwater and Brewgooder. It has been a great period for us to get involved in causes that matter and strive to help individuals. For example, with every black pound day, a percentage of our profits goes to organisations fighting racial injustice. We’ve also found inspiration from Rock Leopard and Mikkeller. Rock Leopard is another black owned brewery and very much a one man band. The head brewer and owner Stacey's dedication and hard work is really motivating. With Mikkeller, they have done incredibly well with a business model that reflects our own as we also currently contract brew with the hope of opening our own site in the near future.

In the long term, we plan to open our own site. We did hope it would be later this year or early next year, but Covid has made things more uncertain. This is still the main plan in the pipeline for us. Short term, we’re thinking of brewing an IPA next and want to continue to support organisations fighting causes that have personal meaning to us or causes which may affect others either socially or even medically. We would also love to do some collabs and have a few breweries in mind that we plan to speak to."

How to support Black owned businesses

As posted by Swiss, there are five simple things we can all do to help support the cause:

1)      Buy from Black-owned businesses

2)      Take a photo of the purchase or business

3)      Post on social media using the hashtag #BlackPoundDay

4)      Big up your experience on your stories

5)      Recommend the business to a friend

Black Pound Day seeks to highlight and amplify the voices of businesses in the Black community, so that the public can find out information about businesses in their area, check them out and support them more regularly in the future. Commitment to shopping with black-owned businesses should not just be dedicated to one day a month.

As Swiss says, “it’s a movement, not a moment”.



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