Brewgooder x Cook: Food pairings

Brewgooder X COOK: Beer and food pairings

When we talk about beer and food pairing, it’s all about the three Cs; complement, cut and contrast. Each method is designed to bring out the flavours in the beers and meal ingredients, enhancing your drinking and eating experience.

Today we are adding a fourth C to the mix, by teaming up with COOK, who provide home-delivered frozen ready meals, freshly prepared by their in-house chefs.

We're running a competition over on Instagram to win £50 of COOK vouchers (enough to cover a meal for four!) plus a mixed 12-pack of our beer to enjoy alongside your meal! If you’re near a COOK shop, redeem the vouchers in-store, or use the codes online for home delivery.

We love pairing our beers with delicious foods, and we’ve picked out three delicious courses from COOK that we think will pair perfectly with our beers. Fear not vegans, we’ve lined up some pairings for you too! Read on to see what COOK meals we’ve chosen and why we think they are the perfect accompaniment!



COOK Kitchen: Portobello Mushroom Risotto

Creamy risotto made with Portobello, cup and chestnut mushrooms, topped with a knob of lemon and sage butter. A half portion makes for a perfect sized starter.


Pair with: Clean Water Lager

The crisp carbonation of Clean Water Lager will help cut through the creamy risotto, while the malt profile complements the nutty mushroom flavours. The lemon citrus flavour from Soraachi Ace hops will enhance the lemon and sage butter, providing a zesty contrast that adds depth and complexity to the other flavours. The refreshing crisp finish will help cleanse the palate, ready for your second course!



COOK Kitchen: Beef Madras with Pilau rice and Naan bread

Tender beef in an intense Madras curry sauce made with garam masala, turmeric and coriander cooked slowly with sliced onions, ginger and ground almonds.

Pair with: Chilloozy Session IPA

IPAs have been the perfect accompaniment to curry for decades, and we’re not about to end the trend now! This pairing is ALL about enhancing those delicious curry flavours.

The fruity American hop characters complement the range of spices used in the madras; the citrus hop flavours really enhance spices like coriander and ginger, while the smooth full-bodied mouthfeel complements the creamy sauce. Hop bitterness accentuates spice in foods, and this is no exception. However, as a 3.7% session IPA, Chilloozy’s hop bitterness is relatively low, and so although it will enhance the spice, it shouldn’t be too hot to handle!



COOK Kitchen: Mango and Passionfruit Cheesecake

A light mango and passion fruit cheesecake on a thin buttery biscuit base

Pair with: Moyo Juice Mango and Passionfruit Pale Ale

What could complement a mango and passionfruit cheesecake better than a beer with the same flavours! Our Moyo Juice uses natural mango and passionfruit extract which enhances the cheesecake flavours, while the oat addition in the malt bill creates a smooth mouthfeel that complements the deliciously creamy cheesecake topping.  The subtle bitterness from the beer refreshes your palette so with every bite you get the full intensity of the passion fruit and mango flavours.

A match made in heaven.




COOK Kitchen: Spanish Bean Stew with peppers and kale

Cannellini and butter beans in a rich and smoky tomato sauce, with red and yellow peppers and kale.

Pair with: Clean Water Lager

The carbonation of the lager will cut through the rich tomato sauce, while the peppers and kale in this dish are very clean and fresh on the palate, just like the beer. Soraachi Ace hops will act as a zesty addition to enhance the pepper and kale flavours, as well as the complex flavours of the tomato sauce.

Try it on some fresh crusty bread for the perfect starter.



COOK Kitchen: Yellow Vegetable Curry with Coconut and Lime Leaf Rice

A creamy Indonesian-style curry with roasted vegetables, green beans and toasted cashews. Flavours of coconut, tamarind, coriander, lemongrass and garlic abound.

Pair with: Moyo Juice Mango and Passionfruit Pale Ale

The versatile mango in our Moyo Juice is the key to this tasty vegan pairing. Not only does the mango perfectly complement the rich creamy curry base and coconut flavours, but it holds up to the stronger spice flavours including the coriander and garlic, and reduces the heat while enhancing the flavours of the roasted vegetables.  Paired with coconut and kefir lime leaf rice, and our super fruity and smooth Moyo Juice will go down a treat with this flavourful curry!



COOK Kitchen: Raspberry and Pistachio Torte

A moist torte made with ground almonds, polenta and raspberries, generously drizzled with orange syrup and topped with pistachios.

Pair with: Chilloozy Session IPA

We’ve paired up this sweet and tasty sponge with Chilloozy as the hoppy bitterness will off-set the sweetness and enhance the pistachio flavour.


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