Brewgooder and the rise and rise of canned craft

14 March

To can or not to can? That is the question.

For us the answer is simple; it boils down to the core values we hold at Brewgooder – to brew good and do good.

Firstly, Brew Good.

By canning Clean Water, we’re joining the legion of awesome brewers turning to canning. Canned craft is the fastest growing segment of the craft market, growing around 25% between 2011 and 2014. But it wasn’t always this way. In the past, canned beer meant cheap, bland and fizzy lagers primarily found on supermarket shelves. Now, every good craft bar has a fridge full of cans containing some of the best beer available. Some brewers have made an art form of the can – inside and out. Just look at the likes of Beavertown and their amazing can designs. They are canning it and killing it. By putting our beer in cans we protect its freshness, blocking out sunlight and oxygen which could distort the flavours, meaning you always get our beer at its best.

Secondly, Do Good.

Cans are recyclable and weigh less, cutting down on CO2 emissions during transit. Little changes like this make a big difference. Also, cans have a larger surface area for the design of our artwork, meaning we can tell the story of how we’re turning beer into clean water while our drinkers do what they love best – drinking fresh, tasty beer.

Put simply, we are a fan of the can. They look great on the outside while they keep what’s on the inside the best it can be.

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