Q&A With Beavertown's Nick Dwyer

Q&A With Beavertown's Nick Dwyer

Our Global Gathering campaign may be 'virtually' over, but the silver lining for us in the cancellation of events to celebrate it has been seeing the incredible already-brewed beers slowly roll out! We were absolutely THRILLED to have Beavertown contribute a brew to the campaign, so much so that we sorted chat with the brand's Creative Director & illustrator Nick Dwyer. Not only is their beer exorbitantly outstanding, their artwork is absolutely f**king RAD. 

Over to Nick...


Who are you and what do you do at Beavertown?

My name is Nick and I am the creative director of Beavertown. I draw pictures on beers.

If you weren't working for Beavertown what would you be doing?

Repairing and building arcade games. I sort of do that now so maybe trying to make it as a graphic novel writer / inker

Beavertown’s artwork is iconic within craft beer… what are the must have touchpoints and motifs of the brand’s design?

Bold colours, specific references to my (and Logan’s) favourite Sci-Fi and black lines. Lots of little jokes and things only people who know us would spot too.

How long does it take to hear a beer concept and turn it into a design?

Depends who you ask but I was once informed 4 days before they were needed for packaging that we needed labels for packaging a beer so I started drawing then, pulled in a huge favour with our supplier and actually made the deadline.

Are there any breweries out there doing can design (illustration, graphic or photography) really well?

So many. Pressure Drop (Sienna’s photos!) across the road are my current favourites but there are some fantastic illustrators working for breweries like my boy Alec Doherty (who does so much other stuff) at Partizan, James Yeo at Left Handed Giant, Karl Grandin for Omipolo and the amazing Nana Guldbaeck at Lervig. All great. All different.

Is there a can design you wish you'd done.

Jupiler. I know it’s a bottle and I know it’s really far from my style but it’s so eye catching. I want a t-shirt.

How do you communicate a message of drinking beer and giving water? What are the challenges? What are the fun bits?

Challenges and fun bits go hand in hand with all branding I would say. It’s cool to throw ideas around with the team, all agree, then execute something. Ok maybe the challenge is agreeing in words then translating that to drawings because sometimes the team go “Oh.. oh ok.. uh. Yeah ok. I sort of get it. Which is unacceptable because they should think everything I do is great and correct straight off the bat.

If you could collab with any artist living or dead on a can design who would it be and why 

Stanley. George. Miller. You know why.


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