ASDA Increases Brewgooder Listing

25 May

We received some good news yesterday… Clean Water Lager is now available in over 350 Asda stores across the UK, that’s an increase in nearly 50% of our previous listing. We’re thrilled with this news but what does it mean?

Social enterprise means business

We were the first social enterprise to gain a national listing with Asda, and we’ve been able to grow that listing. We’ve been joined by some pretty cool social enterprise spirit brands since then too which just goes to show that social enterprises mean business!

More people in more places across the UK now have the chance to #DrinkBeerGiveWater

We’re in more locations across England and Wales… and for the first time – Northern Ireland. So if you haven’t been able to pop our four packs into your basket while doing the weekly Asda shop yet… chances are that you’ll be able to do so from today. Lucky folk.

Drinkers like our beer, and our mission

It’s not often that craft beers get a national listing in their first six months to begin with and to increase that still is (we think) pretty good going. But before we pat ourselves on the back its all down to the drinkers who’ve showed their love for our beer and our clean water mission. And thanks to them… more people have the chance to feel the love too.

More beer sold = more projects supported

The simple thing about it is this… our increased listing means more chance to sell beer, and that means more projects to help fund… but you already knew that!

So let’s hope for some sun on the first weekend of our new listing so you can kick back and relax with a four pack.

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