We love to see members of the community challenge businesses, friends & family on their ethical standards. I think we can all agree the world's in a bit of a mess at the moment, and we've all got to play our part. If other's aren't playing their part, then they should be called out, right? Transparency is key, especially when businesses (like ours) market themselves on a mission for good. 

Over the weekend, we were asked a number of questions from one member of the community, and we praise them for doing so. So much so, that instead of our answers being lost in a Facebook comment thread, we've used this Monday morning to address the queries and leave them up on the blog for others to read & share. 

Feel free to message us with any further queries on Brewgooder & our mission.

Let's get starterd...


Do you actually make your own beer?

We proudly brew our own recipe with BrewDog. It says so on all our packaging


Where abouts in the world is it made?

Its brewed in Ellon, Aberdeenshire in the beautiful North East of Scotland.


Where are your ingredients sourced?

Our ingredients are sourced from various places across the world but our malts are from Britain, which makes-up the vast majority of our ingredients.


Who is you MD?

Our MD is Alan Mahon. Alan founded the company in 2016 after he became ill from a water borne illness while travelling. He felt he was lucky to get back home and get the medical care he needed, but that others born at the exact same time as him somewhere else in the world would struggle to get past their 5th birthday and would have their lives limited in so many ways because of unsafe water. Combine this with a love of beer, and he started Brewgooder. Before that he worked for (and still does work for) Social Bite, a charity which helps house, employ and feed homeless people in Scotland.


Out of Gross Profits how much does your MD earn?

Alan is paid an annual salary of £25000. He also voluntarily capped his salary to 4 x the lowest paid worker but doesn’t anticipate ever earning that much! In our last financial year Alan was paid £8,333. Which was less than 3% of our gross profits and less than 1.5% of overall revenue. Check back with us at the end of the year for an updated figure on this! 

We're also an accredited Living Wage Employer.


How much waste do you send to landfill?

As a company we do not send any waste to landfill and we brew with partners that operate at the highest standards of sustainability. In August 2018 we were given B Corporation Certification. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. You can read more about B Corp HERE.


What percentage (of all) your packaging is recyclable?

By weight, around 98% of our packaging is recyclable, to varying degrees of ease. For example our cans are infinitely recyclable as is our cardboard outters which we switched to last year, saving around 200,000 plastic holders from either landfill or the sea.


Where, which country do you buy your packaging from?

United Kingdom


Who are your Managing Directors?

Alan Mahon is our Managing Director. We have a number of Non-executive Directors from the world of alcohol and tech, none of which are remunerated for their time.


Who are your patrons?

We aren’t quite sure what was meant here but if it's who supports us and paid money for our beer or towards our mission…

- 900 drinkers backed our crowdfund to get started in March 2016

- We have 3000 “Certified Well Diggers” most of whom have taken a quiz to be qualified to talk with authority on our beer and mission

- A further 250 drinkers backed our Jingle Wells Crowdfund in 2018


Brewgooder 'Chapter II' from Tom Welsh on Vimeo.


At Brewgooder, we urge you to challenge any practises you come across that you feel are not playing their part.

We're all in this together.

For more facts & figures, you can download our latest Annual Report HERE.


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