7 questions with: Valhalla's Goat Bottleshop

7 questions with: Valhalla's Goat

Bottleshop owner Phoebe talks beer, trends and Covid

 We chatted to Phoebe from Valhalla's Goat - one of Glasgow’s best and most loved independent bottle shops - about craft beer trends, Covid-19 and being an independent amidst growing supermarket craft beer listings.


Tell us a bit about Valhalla’s Goat and how it became a reality?

"Well, The Goat is an absolutely stupidly full repository of the nicest beers we can find, floor to ceiling, world, weird, everyday. We love all sorts of booze. We love talking and tasting and sharing. We were built on the ashes of Oddbins and a pun. Now we're just teeming with an obscene amount of bottles (and cans, of course)."

How do you decide what beers to stock?

"We spend lots of time reading reviews, tasting and listening to customers' requests and researching. It takes a lot of time. We love it! "

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected you?

"Everything's changed. Lockdown seems like some kind of dream now. We had half the gang on furlough, shop door closed, orders on-line but talking to each customer about their booze needs for every order. Exhausting, amazing, sad, hilarious, weird, full on... We reopened at the start of August. We're maybe a bit more organised. We lost our minds a bit."

How do you feel about the growing craft beer selection in supermarkets and has it affected you?

"Whatever. It can be a bit frustrating, but it's fine. Supermarkets can't have the amazing, knowledgable staff that we do, recommending and remembering and engaging with people. It's a different model."

What’s your favourite beer style, plus your favourite EVER beer?

"Stouts. Sours. Barrel aged Stouts. AON from Omnipollo. Pecan Mud cake imperial stout."

From your experience, what are the current trends in craft beer and where do you think it will go next?

"Seasonality and weirdness. Sours and Stouts. Who knows where next!"

Finally, if you had unlimited access to the most sought-after breweries in the world, who would be first on your list to stock and why?

"Ocht, probably Cantillon right now, it's so hard to get. We can get so, so much amazing stuff though, and there's something beautiful about small brews coming in and then disappearing into memory"

With Covid causing chaos and supermarkets upping their craft game, it hasn't been an easy time for Independent Bottle Shops. We all have a responsibility to support local businesses, so why not head down to your nearest Independent and check out their selection!

Buy Brewgooder beers alongside a huge selection of craft beers, cider, whiskies, wine, spirits and more at Valhalla’s Goat, 449 Great Western Road, Glasgow.  


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