Hundreds of Beers. 100,000 Lives. 1 Hell of a Weekend.


What is the Global Gathering?

We’ve launched a collaborative campaign to work with hundreds of brewers over the World Water Day weekend of 20-22nd March 2020. We’re asking brewers to represent their States, cities and neighbourhoods, brew a unique beer, launch it all together on 20 March 2020 and raise £500 or more each for Brewgooder Foundation rehabilitation and construction projects across Malawi that we hope will empower the lives of 100,000 people in 2020/21.

We’ve had the support of 250+ incredible brewers from 24 countries across the globe. That means everything from a new, one-off beer with our pals at BrewDog to the first time you can “drink beer, give water” in the US with the likes of Brooklyn Brewery, Avery and Rhinegeist—and Balter & Lost Palms in Oz!

We’ll be working for the first time with so many of the brewers from the UK and around the world that our team are passionate fans of, and we cannot thank them enough for lending us their support and making our mission their own for a weekend. We strongly encourage you to show your support for them the next time you order a pint or grab a can!

Why Malawi?

We began working in Malawi in 2016 after a visit where we saw the need and an opportunity to help. In the communities where we work, they have a saying “Madzi ndi Moyo” which means “water is life”. At Brewgooder we define life beyond mere survival. For us life should mean dreaming, achieving, celebrating and building a better world for yourself and those around you. We believe that true life is one in which everyone is empowered to pursue their dreams and to determine their own future, regardless of where they were born, irrespective of what came before.

What breweries are involved and how can I get my hands on the beers?

Excited? You should be! With 250+ breweries across 24 countries, there are loads of places you can try a Gathering beer over the campaign weekend and beyond! Many of our breweries are hosting tap takeovers for you to try several of the Gathering beers in one place, with some even putting on mini festivals! Out with the breweries, expect to find Gathering beers popping up in local retailers and bars.  Be sure to follow your favourite breweries online to find out what they have planned over the weekend! We’ll be doing features on participating breweries over on Instagram; head there for the latest spotlights on our fantastic collaborators or see the full list below.

Brewer List Final

How can I help?

If you're interested in helping out in a much bigger way, we'd love you to join the effort. Sign up as a brewer, or become an official Ambassador for the campaign by registering a few details at 

 Be sure to follow our socials to learn more about the campaign as it develops & grows kegs... I mean legs! 

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